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Guess what ! I learned how to use twitter , it was fun learning how to use it . at first I thought it was boring and pointless until i learned how to use it . I learned how to use the hashe which is known as the number sign , and i also learned how to do a “twitter chat” . It was fun though . Following people is also fun because you can see where they at and what they’re talking about . I learned how to retweet and like what others say . It’s cool because people be saying some good things and people also retweet and like what I say too . Twitters cool thought so hit me up on it lol . follow me ! ikema_johnson !


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Roses are red , violets are blue , my life has been rough but whats new . My life is bad although it makes me sad i feel like crying specially when im mad . why me ? why it have to be ? I feel like its something because im not wanted , the sound of the rain gives me pain , help me , help me please my life here hasn’t been nothing but a tease .

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About me , well I like to think of myself as a leader . I say that because I like to lead , I think being a leader is important , you should lead rather than follow , following will get you where you don’t want to be headed . Being a great leader will get you far . I’m a shy person , people may not see it because I seem so outgoing but I’m really am . I’m a well-rounded person I get along with everyone , if someone doesn’t like me it’s not for a good reason but People usually talk down on me ; but all it does is make me stronger than I am . Two quotes that I always look to is “somebody can’t be everybody , but everybody can be somebody” and “If you want to be somebody , if you want to go somewhere you better wake up and pay attention.”

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Hello world , my name is Ikema Johnson I am a senior at West Mecklenburg high school where I attended for 4 years. I am president of Right Moves For Youth , and a peer mediator. I am a good person with an outgoing personality. On my spare time i like to sing or talk with my family. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters , 5 nieces and a nephew ; and I love them all. After high school I plan on attending Louisburg college which is located in Louisburg North Carolina. In the nearby future I do plan on majoring in psychology or social work and minor in law. I have a bright future ahead , and i do not plan on letting anything or anyone stop it. I love the life I live because I went from negative to positive.

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I plan on attending Louisburg , where im going to major in psychology and minor in law if possible. I want to be a social worker or something that has to do with helping people. I also want to be a judge , my plans for the future is to try to change it , I want the world to be a better place not only for me and generation but for all. I believe that im going to be the one to make a difference. I have lots of high hope and dreams. I hope to start a family of my own and adopt some maybe. I like to see others happy , that’s what makes me happy. You only have one life to live , why not do it right and make the best of it.

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